I’m not crazy. Alright, to be honest I can see how some people think I’m crazy. I’m three magnanimous moods in one body and while some of my moods are more destructive than others, they’re a part of me and it’s an ever learning process on how to live with it.

Hi I’m Giao and I have bipolar disorder.

First let me introduce you to my manic side, the one who’s super charismatic and charming and LOVES to shop. (Whether she has the funds for it or not.) And although mania is fun in the meanwhile, it comes with a myriad of life-changing choices and relationship ending as well. What goes up has to come down.

Then there’s my baseline. She’s pretty shy. Doesn’t talk much. But when she’s by herself or with her close friends, she sings. She dances in her room where no one’s watching. She loves hobbies like cross-stitching and diamond painting. She does puzzles but not quite as fast as when she’s manic (a thousand pieces in 1-2 days). She’s quaint, no anxiety. Oh she has major anxiety around people. That’s why she doesn’t talk much and the klonopin doesn’t do much. I’m not sure what she needs but she needs something.

Then there’s depressed me. She’s just bleh. No energy, suicidal. Too many days in bed I’ve lost count. No music, no hobbies, no relationships, no eating, just hazy, endless days in bed.

So now that I’ve introduced you shortly to my three selves, follow along if you want to learn more about bipolar with me.

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